Mammilaria grahamii

Accession Count: 1
Common Name: Graham's Nipple
Family Name: Cactaceae
Botanical Name: Mammilaria grahamii
Sub Species:

The Arizona fishhook cactus has one to four central spines that are yellow-brown to dark brown.  The longest one is usually hooked. It also has twenty to thirty-five needle-like radial spines, that are white to light brown to red.

Compound: Mam gra
Geographic Origin: Desert Southwest
Ecozone Origin: Nearctic
Biome Origin:
Natural History:

The Arizona fishhook cactus originated in California, Arizona, New Mexico, Texas, Sonora, Sinaloa, Chihuahua, and thrives at elevations of 1000-5000 feet.

Cultivation Notes:

The Arizona fishhook cactus is solitary or branching basally. Stems have a globose to short cylindrical shape, and is light green in color. Its’ flowers occur in 'halo' around top of stems. These cactuses bloom on and off during the summer rainy season.


The landscape value of the Arizona fishhook is as a container plant, or in a rock or cactus garden.

Height: 6 - 10 feet
Width: 0 - 5 feet
Growth Rate: Moderate Growing
Grow Season: Summer
Flower Season: Fall
Color: Pink
Spread: Non-spreading
Allergen: Non-allergenic
Invasive: Benign
Hardy: Hardy
Water Use: Low water Use

1. Anderson, Edward F. The Cactus Family. 1st ed., Timber Press Incorporated, 2001.

Mammilaria grahamii